Which are the sites where you can sell Facebook page?

As you all know that Facebook is the easiest way and the less costly marketing tools. Which do the companies to post details about their products mostly use? But nowadays you can also sell Facebook page to get money in return. The income of the money through Facebook always depends upon the likes you are getting in one status. That means more the likes more you will get money from it.

What are the sites present where you can sell your Facebook page?
There are many of the sites present on the Internet. Where you can sell your facebook page to earn lots of money? But while choosing you should always be very careful. You should choose that sites which had a full of security in it. They can give you all the safety about your Facebook page. That it will not be shared with the third party or there is no interruption of the third party.
The following are the sites where you can sell your Facebook and they are:
• Viral accounts – selling a Facebook page in this site is very easy. One of the most important features is that if you have 100 likes or fan on your Facebook page. Then also you can earn money from it.
• Fan page cash – this site is the second trust-worthiest site where you can sell your Facebook page. Apart from selling the Facebook pages, you can also sell your sites, Instagram accounts etc.

Apart from selling your Facebook page to the websites. You can also do marketing of your page. You have to search for those customers who are interested in buying your Facebook pages.
Why selling a Facebook page is illegal?
As per the Facebook terms and conditions selling a Facebook page is considered as the illegal task. But there are many users you used to sell the Facebook page. This is because users are using the Facebook page for the sake of money and nothing else. So, in this case, they are just selling the Facebook page illegally.