What is Ögonlocksplastik and why is it performed?

An Ögonlocksplastik is one such procedure which is used for removing skin, tissues and to remove or add fat from the lower or upper lids of the eye. Upper eyelid surgery makes use of incisions that allow for the removal of fat and skin, where a thin stitch is used to bring the skin together for the creation of eyelid crease. Whereas, lower eyelid surgery involves incisions directly below the eye lash or inside the eyelid which is called a transconjunctival approach.

Types of eyelid surgery
• Excess of skin and fat on the upper eyelid can easily create heavy eyelid, puffiness and aged appearance where it sometimes blocks the upper line of vision. Hanging Eyelids (Hängande ögonlock) is mainly performed on the upper side of the eyelid to remove the excess of fat and skin so that it can easily improve your field of vision.
• Double eyelid surgery, which is mostly known as Asian eyelid surgery which is carried out to enhance or to create upper eyelid crease. Asian people perform this kind of surgery to create a westernize appearance of the eyelid.
• The Lower Ögonlocksplastik is performed to remove excess of tissue and skin and to improve the contour of the eyelid by removing or adding fat. Sometimes the tightening of the eyelid is needed to correct sagging or drooping, while laser skin resurfacing is used to improve skin texture and wrinkles.

Recovery time of Ögonlocksplastik
Patients usually have short recovery time after eyelid surgery. Although swelling and bruising is usually a worse after the surgery, which quickly after some time begin to disappear. 48 hours after surgery, the use of any cool compresses can easily reduce swelling and bruise around the face and eyes. A light activity like walking can be helpful for reducing swelling.
Thus, it becomes clear that getting Ögonlocksplastik can be helpful for you to remove excess of skin and fat from the eyelids.