Use Cheap Laminate or Expensive to Decorate Your House

Laminate flooring is basically made from wood but is highly different from pure wooden flooring. Although the look of laminates is similar to that of wood, many people still think it as plastic. However, there is a big difference between PVC flooring (pvc vloeren) and laminates.

How is laminate flooring different from PVC flooring?
If you are still thinking that laminates and PVC are same, then it might be too difficult to choose the floor style for yourself. In order to know both the types better, you can follow the following discrimination.
• Laminates are 99% made of wood but PVC floors are pure plastic.
• PVC floors and laminates are both resistant to moisture; however, you cannot install laminate floors in damp areas.
• The thickness of both the types of floors is almost same.
• Although laminate flooring is beautiful it is not suitable to water prone areas like kitchen or bathrooms.
• Laminate flooring may not be comfortable enough with the other types of flooring.
• Regardless the expensive or cheap laminate, you will find a variety of textures and patterns which are not available in PVCflooring.
• Laminate floorings are scratch and pressure resistant which is not a feature for PVC ones.
• Cleaning the laminate floors is easier than the PVC floors because of scratch intensity.

Use of laminate floors
As you have understood that laminates are not suitable for water prone areas, but you can install them in dry areas of your house. It adds elegance to the area where it is installed. You can use laminates in restaurants, business areas, office, and shops. There are a variety of laminate floors that you can choose from for different placements.

Despite the 99% element in various laminate, Kronotex Laminate produces fibreboard laminates that are almost wood. You can search for various other brands that bring you wear resistant laminates with guaranty.