The most competent Orthopedic Surgeon Houston in Houston

In most sports the use of the hands plays a fundamental role for the proper performance of an athlete, so an injury and not being attended to properly can mean temporarily affecting the continuity of the practice and the end of a race that could be impregnated with successes.

General orthopedic surgeons do not have the knowledge of the specific conditions an athlete must have in their upper joints to achieve the highest possible performance and thus achieve the best results in the highest competitions in the world.

That is why the specialty of sports medicine is born, which mixes the scientific knowledge that every Orthopedic Surgeon Houston should have about human development in daily life and the study of physical performance in sports to achieve the expected performance.

Dr. Budoff is an Orthopedic Surgeon Houston in Houston with a specialization in sports medicine. He is a specialist in open and arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder, wrist, hand, and elbow.

As a Hand Surgeon Houston, it is up to date with the newest and least invasive procedures that minimize pain and reduce the healing period of patients.

Moreover, many are treated with total success without the need to get to surgery.
He is certified as a Houston Hand Surgeon and of the entire upper extremities of the human body by the Board that specializes in the shoulder, wrist, hand, and elbow.
He was previously a professor of orthopedic surgery at Baylor College of Medicine and currently serves patients at the Texas Medical Center and has offices in Clear Lake, Pearland and Katy and in Texas.

He graduated from the Harvard University (Cum Laude) and from Cornell Medical School. He completed his residency in orthopedic surgery at the University of California.
With these credits, they give the assurance that the work done by Dr. Budoff is one of the best in the world.