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Top social media apps

There are so many social media apps like facebook, twitter, linkedin, whatsapp, pinterest, instagram etc. To download these apps on mobile phones , you can visit the app stores and also go through websites like www.installwasapplus.com/.

• Facebook-
Facebook is most popular social app used by so many people around the world. People use this app to connect with others across world. They also use this to express their feelings and sharing things with friends.

• Google+
It is the most popular and fastest growing social networking app. Google+ has rolled out to put some extra collection of features, which give the users bit more than they wanted.

• Whatsapp –
It is one of the famous social app in which people are spending so much of time using. This app is also useful for both video calling and voice calling. People can chat through text or through voice messages so there is no need to waste much time in typing. To install the whatsapp, you can click onwww.installwasapplus.com/

• Instagram –
Instagram is also famous social media app where you can upload photos to share with friends and relatives. Instagram is available on iOS, windows and android phones.

• Linkedin-
This social app is specially used by professionals who needs connections with people having advance career opportunities. With use of this app, users also can promote themselves to connect with other professionals.

• Youtube –
Youtube is widely used for downloading or watch the videos online. It works as search engine. We can search the videos like songs, movies, college seminars, creative videos and so many.

• Twitter –
Twitter also like facebook in which you can share your pictures, opinions etc. It is used widely by all celebrities around the world

• Soundcloud-
Soundcloud is a social networking app to share the sounds, who created them songs and recorded podcasts. In this app, you can also search and get the new and free music songs.