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A Beginner’s Guide To Ear Stretching

Ever wondered about stretching ears? Here is The Krafty Lady’s guide to how to do it securely and (almost) painlessly! Do not forget that these are only basic hints – if you are seriously considering it you need to go to your neighborhood piercing pro who will check out and give you guidance based on your particular requirements – a few piercing experts also stretch ears, therefore it is well worth figuring out just how much it’s going to be for a professional job. And it is almost always best to go to a specialist if you are thinking of stretching anything aside from your ears!

Primarily, you ought to get a piercing in the first location. NEVER start stretching your ears before the holes are fully healed up – it may be better to wait for three days as long as it can take to cure before you even consider buying your first stretcher. It helps the skin to heal and fortify before getting traumatized by stretching, and certainly will hurt a whole lot less!
Alright, so you have had your piercings some time and you go out to get your new stretchers. A standard piercing gap is 1.6millimeters in diameter – that may vary slightly, and it is going to be well worth finding out from whoever pierced you before you purchase your original stretcher.
A taper is most likely the simplest and most comfortable way to extend your ears. You will have to understand the stepments of the broadest and narrowest part before you purchase this, and as a newcomer it is ideal to go for stainless steel tapers as they don’t absorb bacteria and infections. Most people are inclined to start stretching around 2mm, therefore start with a taper that’s 1.6mm in the narrowest end and 2mm in the broadest point.
Do not take it too fast! Stretching shouldn’t be painful and it surely should not bleed. Massaging your ear or holding a hot damp cloth up to it before the procedure can help circulation and loosen the tissue at the ear. And always wash your hands with antibacterial soap if you’re stretching ears yourself.