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You are looking for a piston for your Velosolex, we offer you the Pistón solex, the best on the market

A VéloSolex can be a motorized cycle, which means that this is a bicycle having a motor attached and a tranny used to feed it without help in order to help with pedaling. As a motor vehicle needs care and maintenance to keep it inside optimal situation.

In Cafesolex we have been experts within spare parts for the VéloSolex, we offer parts and pieces of the highest quality at the top deals and attractive special offers throughout the year.

There exists a catalog that provides a wide range of items ranging from closing bags, bearings, to any or all types of add-ons such as bumpers or perhaps cash equipment; you can also get types such as VéloSolex lids.

In https://cafesolex.net will be able to find out all the variety of pieces we’ve as the Tringle solex, these decompression Tringle solex 2200 3300 solex 3800 measures 2.Thirty two mm across and are able to assemble and are made in Italy. The original pubs usually corrosion, twist or even may no lengthier be.

You will also find pistón solex, cylinder as well as cylinder mind. The piston solex light weight aluminum requires a year of development and testing, which means that it provides quality and optimum performance. You can rebuild your link to quality filling device cages, in addition to be People from france manufacturing sections.

At CafeSolex we are at your disposal if you’d like new or used parts for your VéloSolex. Enter Cafesolex.com and find out everything we now have for you, not merely sell components but all of us give guidance and feasible solutions to problems of seapage, noise or climbing, we also have the parts you will need.

In our recognition table, we will help you identify the model of your Solex and thus know more about it’s vintage design.

Do not hesitate to make contact with Cafesolex.com nowadays. We deliver packages coming from Monday in order to Friday in France as well as abroad. In case of having doubts fill our own form you will likely have on the website and we will kindly response you.