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What are the sign and symptoms of the polysubstance abuse?

Polysubstance abuse or use is the general term for regular, simultaneously or different period consuming of the one or more drugs over 12 months period. In substance abuse term, it is directly referring to the multiple usages of an illicit drug. People are using the multiple substances for enhancing the effect of a particular drug for creating the more high intense.

Some factor for treatment evaluations-
The treatment length is well determined by various factors that include-
• Plans for an ongoing care.
• The duration of an abuse.
• Adequacy of the social support systems.
• Type of the substances dependence.
• The desire for the change and willingness to get into treatment.
• Co-occurring of the mental illness.
Some of the signs and symptoms of the polysubstance abuse-
Here are some of the common signs and the common symptoms of the usage of drugs or polysubstance abuse. It is necessary for you to keep in mind that is anyone is having any symptoms, it is not necessary that a person is consuming the drugs. It can be just because of a mental or a physical health issues. It can also be due to the adolescent developments. Whatever is the cause, they are warrant attention. It is necessary for you to look at the significant changes in the appearance of a person physically, its personality and changes in one’s behavior or attitude.

Physical sign and symptoms-
• No able to sleep at night, getting awakened at the unusual times or facing unusual, laziness.
• Lots of changes in eating habits.
• Shaking hands, cold and sweaty palms.
• Red and watery eyes.
• Poor coordination physically.
• Frequent rubbing of your nose.
Behavioral sign and symptoms-
• Changes in the hobbies or activities.
• Sudden oversensitivity.
• Changing friends.
• Chronic dishonesty.
These are some of the sign and symptoms of polysubstance abuse.
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