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Winter Lawn Care Advice

Winter brings in and the times of relaxing in the sunshine in your beautifully manicured lawn are a distant memory, replaced with the sight of moist, cold and soggy grass and leaves along with the nagging idea that you must do some work – possibly our winter lawn care tips will help. It isn’t too late to devote a couple of hours making sure that your mulch succeeds in the best manner and comes out fighting when spring finally arrives, heralding a new year of new growth.

We’ll cover everything you need to do at the major regions of lawn care greenvillescin addition to a closing top tip for anybody contemplating putting a new lawn in the spring.

Tip #1: Mowing

As fall turns to winter and before the first snowfall strikes, it’s the right time to start diminishing the height of your mower blade to take off some of their closing young growth of this year. This youthful marijuana is not as powerful than the crown at the bottom of the plant and is readily influenced by snow and bark that may cause winter ailments discovering an accommodating home.

Mowing back this youthful growth can be carried out slowly over several weeks to decrease the shock to the turf.
During the remainder of winter, the grass gets mainly dormant and just in prolonged periods of warmer weather will the bud start to grow and might require an extremely slight cut to keep it in check. If this is the case, increase the blade height as much as just cut the hints.

Tip #2: Feeding

Normally, the advice here is not to feed your lawn over winter. The turf is at a state of nearly hibernation within the cold interval and is not placing any new growth outside as it’s overly vulnerable to the weather and weather ailments that could attack broken and damaged blades. Summer and Spring nitrogen based feeds may get the grass to sprout. If you’re getting ready for the spring and has to feed, there are a few potash and calcium based fertilizers specifically intended for winter and autumn can promote healthy growth. These expert winter lawn fertilizers are available from regular outlets.