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Why You Should Prefer Dr Brown Fles?

If you are concerned about your newborn baby’s health, give your child healthy infancy by choosing Dr Brown Fles accu-feed bottle system. This bottle system provides infants earliest opportunity of feeding orally with its soft silicon nipples providing the most consistent flow rate of fluid for the oral consumption. Well-organized transfer of fluid during each feeding gives you safe and efficient feeding experience. Mothers can avail a number of benefits by using these bottles for their infant’s feeding. In fact, the best among all benefits is that these bottles are meant to keep the nutritional value of milk intact and also make sure that issues like spit up, burping and gas don’t happen.

Dr brown fles is actually an entire system that includes bottle vessel, internal vent system and colorful collar or caps. Colored caps help in the quick identification of nipple level through which you can measure the consumption level of your child easily according to their age. All the nipples are quality controlled and specifically selected for the infant’s first use.

In all kinds of feeder bottles, there is a problem of air contaminating the liquid. When babies drink milk, from a feeder bottle, they suck the liquid inside the bottle and, as some liquid goes out of the bottle, the air takes its place in the bottle through vent. It is necessary to keep air separated from liquid because air ingested by babies can cause discomfort and sleeplessness. To protect your child from any discomfort Dr. Brown fles bottles have a strong vent inside which works as a vacuum to prevent air from contaminating the milk. This helps in making sure that the nutritional value of milk remains intact and all your child’s needs are fulfilled.

So, with all the characteristics and benefits of Dr brown fles, you can make it your first choice for the better feeding of your infant.