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Causes of dark circles under eyes

Dark circles

Dark circles are the common issue which is faced by number of individuals. There are number of reason due to which you face the issue of dark circles. The common reason is lack of sleep. Another reason includes the stress which results into improper night sleep. No matter what the reason is but the main thing is that dark circles under eyes can make you look bad. Moreover, they look more bad when you skin is fair. Thus in such case you should prefer to use the creams and other treatments for reducing and eliminating the issue of dark circles.


The dark circles under eyes treatment should be started with the homemade methods. The most common sand simple method which can be used includes the usage of the cucumber slices. Make sure to lay the slices of cumber slices on your eyes in order to reduce the dark circles. Place them and let it be for 15 minutes. Repeating the same method can help in reducing your problems. Another method which can be used includes the mixture of honey and almost as both of them is considered as the beauty components.

You can also use the tea bags as the dark circles under eyes cream treatment. They can be used best as they soothe the eyes especially when they are used after keeping into the fridge. You can also consider using the tea bags which are already mixed into the cup for drinking. After trying the homemade creams, the next step is to move on with the eye creams. There are number of option which can be used for the issue of dark circles. If you are having dark circles and bags under your eyes and you are trying to get rid of them then you should try on with the eye creams.