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Fulfilling Purpose As A Foreign Domestic Helper

Purpose is the essence or reason for something. It is the reason why a person is created and shaped. Nobody is without a purpose. Unfortunately, not everybody fulfill purpose. There are several reasons that can account for this. One common reason is due to the myth that surrounds purpose. Some people erroneously believe that purpose is for some selected few. On the contrary, you as domestic helper can fulfill purpose if you have discovered your purpose in it and take steps in fulfilling it. Discovery and pursuit is therefore core to fulfillment. You should render your service as a housekeeper with the understanding that it is for a purpose.

Nobody can fulfill purpose in his or her work without diligence. Diligence is the vehicle that drives discovery to accomplishment. Diligence for a foreign domestic helper implies doing the task assigned with touch of excellence and sense of difference. Similarly, working with time/ keeping to time is an act of diligence. Laziness fosters procrastination but diligence says do what is right at the right time. A diligent housekeeper has the understanding that there is time for everything.

Purpose cannot be fulfilled if integrity is jettison. Integrity has to do with being whole. This implies that your words and actions should be in consonance. This is one major attribute that is sought after bymaid employment agency. No matter your achievement, if it stems from dishonesty, it cannot be regarded as purposeful. This is because purpose is not first about you but about who created you. The boss who employs you does so for some reasons. It will be out of place if you stab him or her at the back. There are terms of contracts and agreement that must be kept if you will be effective in your service. Such terms are meant to be spelt out by HL&C Employment Agency Ltd. (HL&C).