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Top best rice cookers available in market?

What is rice cooker?

If you never used a rice cooker, it is helpful to know what it does and how it works. Rice cookers are small appliances containing an inner pot inside an outer vessel. At the bottom of the cooker it has the outer container heating plate. As you plug in the appliances the container get heated up and it start the cooking process. You just have to add a right amount of rice and water inside the device and cover it. Wait for half an hour and your rice is perfectly cooked. This is all the rice cookers perform.

Rice cooker make it easy to cook other type of rice or grain whether you want to make white rice or brown rice. Not all the cookers work in the same way. As there are many different types of cookers with different range. It depends upon the user that what kind of rice cooker they prefer. When you are shopping an electric rice cooker always consider the need of your household.

Top rice cooker in market:

There are many types of rice cookers available in the market. Rice cookers come in many range from the high range cookers to cheap rice cookers, here are some of the best rice cookers.

• Instant pot IP DU060: It is multiple function cooking machines which work faster and uses less energy than steamer. As it is a pressure cooker it has the learning curve for those who are not familiar about the cookers.

• Zojirushi NS- ZCC10: This cooker is great for an average sized family. It plays a tune to indicate that the rice is perfectly ready. This is an advanced cooker with fuzzy logic that yields high quality of rice.

• Aroma8 cup digital cooker: It an ideal cooker for small household, great for both white and brown rice. It is low cost basic model suitable for household with simple rice.

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