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Safety Precautions In Asbestos Soil Contamination

Asbestos cement substances which are undisturbed and in good shape don’t pose a health hazard, because the asbestos fibers remain bound tightly as a strong substance. But it’s as soon as the material gets damaged, starts crumbling, is disturbed by breaking, sanding, cutting or drilling, so that the asbestos fibers get discharged into the open air and eventually become a hazard as they may be inhaled.

Different States and Territories have developed their own guidelines in terms of management of asbestos products, materials and soils. For instance, site classification report in Brisbane was put together from the Heads of Asbestos Coordinating Authorities (HACA) providing general leadership regarding the management and assessment of asbestos from the soil. The Environmental Protection Agency was mandated under the Contaminated Land Management Act 1997 to control sites which have been significantly polluted to warrant regulation.
Friable Asbestos Products
Friable asbestos materials and products are usually fairly loose and soft. They are easily crumbled into fine dust or substance with exceptionally light pressure. Such products are poisonous since the fibers of asbestos may get airborne quite easily, and therefore may get inhaled by people living or working within the area. These are the things are typically seen in asbestos contaminated soils.
Precautions While Working Topical
• When working in an asbestos soil pollution undertaking, inform all of your immediate neighbors concerning the projected work advise them to possess their windows and doors shut during the time when job is getting done.
• Have all of your windows and doors shut, and then cover the air vents to stop the fibers from getting into the construction
• Avoid getting the additional soils and vegetation infected by covering them with a few heavy duty plastic sheets for grabbing any debris or dust.
• Eliminate personal possessions, vehicles and play equipment in the work zone.
• Maintain the family members, pets and traffic away before the job is completed using signs and barricades if needed.