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Decoding the stress, anxiety and depression

The world around us evolving at a very high pace but the people in it are aging faster than ever. Currently a significant number of world populations are aimless in some way or another. People are spending way too much time on the social media and according to many reports by very reliable sources it was found out that a lot of teens, people in their early twenties and others have been affected mentally due to the use of social media. It is one of the root causes of the mental illness such as depression. The three major mental health situations are the ones that you should know about and should be able to differentiate easily so for your better knowledge we have explained them here.

The first thing that is on the chart of mental illness is stress. Stress is a temporary thing. It is our reaction to a certain kind of situation or some kind of external stimulus due to which a person gets very stressed whether it is called for or not. This can be pressure of exams, business problems and so on. You can read how people got help by reading the betterhelp reviews. The second problem on the list is anxiety. This is when you don’t have the correct mindset to look at things or the right perspective. The reaction to a lot of things is not justified and uncalled for. This takes time to heal. You can know how by reading the betterhelp reviews .

Lastly we have depression about which many people know about. It is a state of being extremely sad and finding no hope to continue on with the daily activities. But it can be cured. So you can know more about that you can find more on betterhelp reviews.