Pros and Cons of the Valken Annex MI 9 Mask

Costing about $50, the Valken Annex MI 9 is a great mask in the mid-price segment. If you are on the fence about whether or not to buy this mask, this post will help you make that decision. We will quickly list out the pros and cons or advantages or disadvantages of buying this mask.

To begin with, let’s focus on the pros. At just $50, you get dual pane thermal lenses in this mask. They don’t have an anti-glare finish like a smoked or mirror finish but they do a great job against fog, making this one of the best paintball mask in the $50 range.
Another great feature with this mask’s lens is that it comes with scratch protection. As you may know already, paintball sometimes requires a lot of grunt movement that can result in the scratching up of your lens. If not for scratch protection, you can’t use your mask’s lens for more than a few games. With scratch protection, you can at least hold out for about 10 games before the scratches become an issue. Scratch protection does not mean that the lens will never scratch. It is just that it will resist most of the scratches.
Now, let’s come to the drawbacks associated with buying this mask. The biggest drawback is that the mask is a little too small for anyone with a large or even slightly above average head size. If you wear a medium sized motorcycle helmet, you will love how this mask fits on you. But, if you have a head size in excess of 60 cm, this is going to be a hard mask to make fit on your head. Another very popular complaint with this mask is that the tan color that is advertised is actually more of a dark brown color. Some people are disappointed that they didn’t get tan but got brown instead. Something for you to keep in mind if you are particularly only interested in the tan color.