Penis Extender 3 Month Results

By using an extender for gentle, penis enlargement stretching, subtle gains in length and sometimes girth may be made. By using the special extender device for several hours a day under loose-fitting clothing, before after penis enlargement averages are 2.3 cm in the flaccid state. The unit is adjustable for the tension it will apply on the penis, called traction, during the penis enlargement exercises.

The idea of the extender is that the traction over time will cause the cells in the penis to divide, creating new cells which are more mass. Also, the amount of growth directly corresponds to the amount of time a person can devote to using the extender. Several distinguished research institutes showed with studies that this form of passive penis enlargement exercises really does work. In this article, I talk about why penis extenders deliver the best results.


It’s been around a week since I started wearing a penis extender. I’m wearing the PeniMaster around 5-6 hours a day. haven’t tried wearing it at night simply because I wear it enough in the day. The problem is when I go to visit my girlfriend for the weekend. I don’t use it for 2 days! which can’t be good. I’m trying to find a solution for it.

She knows that I’m using a penis extender but I won’t wear it in her apartment! another thing, when I get back from her my penis is really sensitive because we have a lot of sex so the device feels a bit uncomfortable, however. it becomes comfortable again the next day.

I’ve noticed something about the stretching belt that comes with PeniMaster PRO complete set. When you wear it sitting (and tie it below your knee) and you stretch it to a specific length it’s O.K. but when you get up the belt gets stretched much more, and sometimes it’s too much.

so I noticed that it’s better to tie the belt when your leg is straight and not bent so you would know how much stretch would be applied to your penis when you get up. but the nice thing about the belt is that you can’t really notice it (if you’re wearing long pants of course). I recommend having the two options because I switch between them depending on the situation. Learn more at

Other than that the PeniMaster PRO is really comfortable and I’m happy with my purchase.


For thousands of centuries, men have tried various penis enlargement exercises and methods. But do any of them actually show noticeable gains? Do they give results without any hidden health risks or damage to the penis? Some methods do really work, creating penis enlargement that is noticeable. This usually requires patience and a time frame of six months to a year or more, such as with the penis extender. But some other methods do carry risks of tearing of the penis skin, scarring and worst case scenario; permanent loss of sexual function.