Egyptian Cotton Sheets Are Super Soft However Bamboo Sheets Might Be Softer And Greener

Known for its unbelievable softness and durability, bedding made from Egyptian cotton is among the best options for those looking for a comfortable sleeping. But in the last several years, another cloth has arrived on the scene to battle for this particular name, specifically, viscose pine sheets. Bamboo bedding delivers a degree of durability and softness that arguably rivals that of Egyptian cotton. So that should you pick? bamboo sheets blog is here to help you select which bedding choice reigns supreme.

As the conventional go-to luxury bedding material of selection, Egyptian cotton has a reputation to maintain. It’s a very comfortable substance for use in the making of sheets and bed linens. It’s remarkably comfortable, due mostly to the high thread count and the softness of cotton fibers. And cotton is a natural fiber that makes it preferable to synthetics such as polyester, acrylic and nylon. Cotton is naturally resilient and soft to the skin.

But bamboo bedding includes a whole slew of advantages that are tough to ignore. To begin with, bamboo sheets are sterile and can be processed to make extremely soft bedding. They’re also incredibly flexible and moisture-absorbing, making them perfect for humid, warm environments. They wick away moisture from the skin as you sleep that will help to regulate your temperature so that you rest soundly.

Not only are bamboo sheets really soft and luxury for sleeping in, but they are also incredibly replaceable. Bamboo is a rapidly-renewable fiber which grows incredibly quickly, and generates considerably more fiber per acre of soil utilized when compared to cotton. Additionally, bamboo doesn’t need to be grown using pesticides and other agricultural chemicals. Cotton, on the other hand, is your most pesticide-intensive harvest on Earth, which makes it incredibly poisonous for the environment and for all those sleeping at the finished cotton sheets.