Acquire a Zorpro security metal detectors, they are easy to install and use

Easy to use, with the best features and the most advanced functions in the security industry, this is Zorpro’s security metal detectors.

Our units walk through metal detectors detect and stop the danger quickly in courts, schools, sporting events, factories or any application that are used.

The devices for walk through metal detectors of Zorpro are very low prices, we make free deliveries with immediate deliveries and they are also easy and quick to install and to handle.

Our best metal detector is the Zorpro 24 Zone model, whose excellent features include a 7-inch touchscreen, the most advanced on the market, a very sensitive detector that works smoothly and efficiently in multiple applications. The Zorpro 24 system adopts a complete aluminum frame highly integrated to the touch screen to check for metal elements hidden in the body, with a maximum sensitivity reaching level 255 with a simple software interface that makes it easier to install and maintain. It has a remote update system and remote control system over the internet among many other wonderful features; it also includes a free hand scanner.

The Zorpro 6 detector is our standard base model, with a lower price, but which also includes firm features that you will be proud of, such as a metal detector arc that adopts a complete aluminum frame and a dual high brightness LED system highly integrated that efficiently checks the metal elements hidden in a body, has six independent zones available to choose from and many other features.

Both metal detectors work optimally in any application keeping firm against any competitor in the market, both in efficiency and costs and for greater peace of mind for our customers we give two years of guarantee.

Apply now for your free metal detector test through our website and verify that we are the best in security.