A Suitable Ice Hockey Stick Should Be Used

In womens ice hockey, it is very important that a correct hockey stick is used by a player because this is perhaps the most important gear during a play. Having a suitable stick helps a player to play the game in a comfortable way so that a goal can be made and also defensive tactics can be implemented correctly. The dimension of a stick can vary substantially due to a player’s size and choice. A stick for a particular player may not work well for the other due to different height of each player and the style of play. Hence, it is very important for a player to choose a matching and convenient stick. Having a correct understanding of the material that is used for making ice hockey stick can help in customizing a suitable women’s hockey stick. Women’s hockey sticks can be made of the following materials – wood, aluminum, fiber glass, graphite, Kevlar, titanium and carbon blade.

• Wooden sticks are made by laminating numerous types of wood into robust plywood and then coating the blade and stick with fiberglass and thin plastic. It is useful for amateur and young players and is also quite cheap to buy.
• Aluminum sticks are made by using an aluminum alloy for shaft and a wooden blade that can be replaced periodically. This type of stick is quite durable and long lasting.
• Graphite sticks combine the best features of wooden and aluminum sticks so that these sticks are light weight and provide accuracy to a player.
• Kevlar is a high strength material that is also used for making sticks and sticks made from it can be very durable.
• The titanium sticks have titanium shaft and a wooden blade so that the sticks are stronger and lighter.
Among all the women’s hockey equipments, the stick is perhaps the most important item and hence before placing an order for it with whipsports.com, ample research must be done to ensure that it works well both in convenience and feel for a woman player.