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Update from the woods: Stay Alert!

by EF!Humboldt ~ June 21st, 2011. Filed under: Tree-sits.

The summer is finally upon us, foggy mornings and sunny days abound. A Northern Spotted Owl was recently encountered by one of our crew about 100′ above the ground. This is great news since they were not seen for quite a while after the Barred Owls moved in.

A recap on the arrest scenario the other day; One person was arrested on the ground by security guards and a Sheriff after refusing to leave the tree-sit area. This was the first person to be arrested at our tree-village for the entire three years we’ve been there. He was disrupting some kind of tour of the area by several different parties in regular attire. The road was partially opened with the aid of chainsaws. More unrecognized people visited the following day, they appeared to be sizing up the situation.

We’re holding strong and are ready if they try something. We can use your help if you are motivated to defend the Earth and are ready to join in.

If you’d like to come and stay in the trees with us for a week or more this summer please contact us at, or call 707.845.1325

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