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Update: Blockaders Evacuate

by EF!Humboldt ~ August 21st, 2010. Filed under: Tree-sits.

This is a statement from Fly, one of the road blockaders-

“Last night I was forced to evacuate the Skypod. Under a blanket of darkness, I evaded the security guard and walked away to safety. Because of the way Green Diamond and the Sherrifs had cut and retied my life-line, I was unable to see my anchor and my platform kept slipping farther toward the ground. By the time I rappeled down, I was hanging about 35 feet below where I had started wednesday morning. I could not see how much of the rope was left to slip through the knot until I eventually would drop. I was in fear for my safety. If this company and the sherrifs put someone’s life on a knot, they should know a little more about what they’re doing.”

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